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1) You want to take a tumbler to a picnic. You want to crush and throw away the tumbler after use. Name two materials from which such a tumbler can be made.

2) Can water cause molecules in piece of chalk to break apart? How can you say this?

3) Which has greater density-ice or water? How can you say this?

4) Two molecules of a solid are kept some distance apart and the force between them is measured. The solid is then melted to form a liquid. Two molecules of the liquid are now kept the same distance apart and the force between them is measured. Which force will be greater? Explain why.

1) Plastic or paper.

2) No, chalk is a solid where molecules are rigidly packed and a lot of force is needed to brake it.

3)Water has more density than the ice.

We know density = mass/volume.

For the equal volume of the ice and water, Mass of the ice is less than the mass of the water.

4)solid, the intermolecular force os a solid is more as its intermolecular space is less.

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