How can one make both professional and personal life happy?why could Einstein did not balanced so?

Dear Student, 

It is true that Einstein struggled a lot in his personal life. He could not speak till he was two and a half years old, and after that, would speak each word twice. Everyone thought that he was boring. He had an abnormally large head because of which his mother thought that he was crazy. He even had a failed marriage. However, he grew up to be an intelligent person. He always stood out because of his intelligence and interests. He went on to become a world famous scientist. 
In my opinion, it is very important to strike a balance between one's personal and professional life. It is important that one strives to do his or her best to achieve something in life, but it is equally important to maintain good relations with one's family. It is, at the end of the day, our family which keeps us rooted and composed. Spending quality time with family is as essential to living a healthy life as is working hard. Thus, one should try to maintain a balance between one's personal and professional life.


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