how can u say that ribosomes are associated with plasma membrane ?? also a single ribosome translates mRNA to protein or a group does this ???

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In prokaryotes, some of the ribosomes may be attached with the plasma membrane.  

The mRNA may be translated by a single ribosome called monosome as well as by many ribosomes togather called polysome.

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Ribosomes are usually not seen associated with prokatyotic cell membrane. There are only some(very few indeed) prokaryotes that have their ribosomes associated with cell membrane and when this happens it occurs by hydrogen bonding between the two.

Free ribosomes can move about anywhere in the cytosol, but are excluded from the cell nucleus and other organelles. 
When a ribosome begins to synthesise proteins that are needed in some organelles, the ribosome making this protein can become "membrane-bound". In eukaryotic cells this happens in a region of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) called the "rough ER". 

A single mRNA contains the whole sequence to code the polypeptide chain. So only single mRNA translate a protein
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