how can we measure reflex angle?



First we will measure accute angle ABC and then substract it with 360 to get the reflex angle ABC that is shown in the figure.


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to measure the angles u should take a protacter..

u know that the straight line has a measure of 180 degree.

then measure the angle after 180 degree by rotating your boook or by rotating your protactor downwards ..

then what your ans comes +it with 180 degree ..

u will get your ans..

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A protractor can be used to measure the size of an acute angle (between 0º and 90º) and an obtuse angle (between 90º and 180º).

Now, we will use a protractor to measure the reflex anglePQR.

To measure the reflex anglePQR, extend the armPQtoAto form anglePQAwhich is a straight angle. Then measure the size of the angleAQRand add 180º.

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