How Can you show that air expands on heating?

for eg in a hot air balloon when the air is heated the density of it becomes low and hence the volume of the air increases or expands

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have u ever seen the gas produced when wood is burnt. the gas always goes up but not down , it is because the is hot so it rises up.

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What is required?

An empty bottle of about 500c.c. capacity, a few balloons, water in a tub, heating arrangement to heat the water.


What to do?

1.  Take an empty bottle and fix a balloon tightly at its mouth as shown in figure.


2.  Put the bottle in the empty tub. 

3.  Pour sufficient hot water in the tub.


What do you observe?

As the hot water heats up the bottle the balloon inflates.


How does it happen?

In fact on heating the bottle air in the bottle expands and rises up in to the balloon as a result of which the balloon inflates.
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