How Did Mr. Lamb Transformed Derry? Will Derry Change After Lamb Dies?

Derry had a low self-esteem. One side of his face was scared and so he avoided the company of people. He thought that people were afraid of him and no one loved him. But after meeting Mr. Lamb, Derry’s attitude towards life changed. In spite of having a lame leg, Mr. Lamb had a positive spirit. He did not care what people thought about him and did whatever he liked. He befriended Derry and encouraged him love life as it is. He made Derry understand that the world is full of good and bad things and he should learn to accept both. Thus, Mr. Lamb helped Derry to transform.
Yes, Derry would change even after Mr. Lamb’s death because by that time his attitude towards life had already changed. He had become a positive person.

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