How did Poland become a democratic country?

Poland was under the united workers party in the 1980s. no other party was allowed to take part in d political process of d country. the state of employment was bad in poland. d workers could not form their independent trade unions. a strike was organised by d workers of d lenin shipyard on 14 august 1980 in gdansk. it was led by lech walesa. d main demands of d workers were -

  1. right to form trade unions.
  2. release of political prisoners.
  3. removal of censorship on press.
  4. the govt. has 2 concede d demands of d workers and a 21 - point agreementcalled d gdansk agreement was signed. workers under d leadership of lech walesa farmed d 1st independent trade trade union of poland solidarity. it wwon d 1990 election s and came 2 power in poland. lech walesa became d president of poland.

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You have done so many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in the answer. But thanks to give the answer correctly.
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