How did 'The world' help charley to conform his doubts regarding the existence of a third level

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In the beginning, when he reached the third level, Charley was confused. Whatever he saw in the third level told him that he had traveled back to the past. This was confirmed when he saw The World, a newspaper of the past that was no more published. The lead story said something about President Cleveland and it was printed June 11, 1894.


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Charley does not like his ?present situation in life as it is full of insecurities fear war and worry that he always wanted to run back to his grandfathers time were things were much peaceful so he always dreams of fantasies to get relieved from his tensions so as a medium of escape" the world" full of these above mentioned things confirmed help in his imagination the existence of third level

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The harsh realities of life makes Charley life unpleasant and unbearable . So he wants to escape from the modern world . This makes him to go through the third level at the grand Central station. And for the confirmation regarding the existence of third level he look at the newspaper "The World " which is offered for sale and found that the world has not been published for years and it was printed June 11,1894
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