how do wars affect our lives ?

Wars are something that everyone dreads. At times of wars, only destruction is what meets the eye. Even the common people who do not have anything to do with fighting wars are affected badly. To meet the expenses of wars, government levies heavy taxes on everything and this affects the common people. Scarcity of goods like food grains and other eatables is very common in countries that indulge in war. Loss of life and property is not to be forgotten. After the war, the economy of the country goes down and there is utter chaos everywhere. 
To quote Russell, "War does not determines who is right-- only who is left"

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We are at war with terrorism. We went into Afghanistan and got rid of the Taliban and some of Al Queda, but terror cells are still active throughout the world. President Bush wants us to go to war with Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein before he builds weapons of mass destruction to use against Americans and American interests like Israel. Never mind that we should have, and could have finished Hussein during the Gulf War in a few more hours of fighting. That was then and this is now. Now we have to contend with what Hussein threatens and with terrorism at home and abroad. A lot on our plate!

No longer can we simply board an airplane to do our business or go visit our families or take a vacation. The whole travel thing is a nightmare. The long lines at the airport, the parking problems, the security indignities and the biggest item the fear. We don't feel safe - our security, our survival is threatened. What will happen when we go to war with Iraq? What additional bad things will happen to the economy and how will war with Iraq further affect traveling, our safety, our economics and our future? We are dancing with fear and fear is leading.

War and terrorism are outside of us, but they affect us greatly because they threaten us, causing apprehension, which disrupts our energy fields. Remember the uneasiness you felt at the scary movie or how you felt walking down the alley at night in a bad neighborhood or when the unleashed pit bull started after you? The energy change results from our primitive fight or flight syndrome getting us ready to either run or fight the saber tooth tiger in the tree. All kinds of changes happen to us the adrenaline flows, pulse rate increases, digestion stops, blood clotting enhances, etc. This is how nature protects us as it reacts to our energy field change.

Because most of us have little or no control over terrorism or war with Iraq we feel powerless about the situation. All we know is that we are afraid or angry or both and our physical and emotional systems are responding. Our security, our survival is threatened and these are basic human needs. This threat produces fear and all that goes with it. The survival threat fear is a negative force generator in our subconscious mind that cuts the flow of life force energy (Chi) through our bodies and installs fear programs on our subconscious hard drive.

Because the subconscious mind is an analog parallel processing computer, it has a hard drive and the integrated summation of the programs there determines our behavior, and how we feel. Therefore, these outside energies of war and terrorism acutely affect our behavior and feelings by the fear they generate within us. Depending on their personalities and emotional makeup, people will be affected differently by these external forces of war and terrorism. If a person has a strong full Chi flow through their body because they are clear, they are less affected by these foreign energies than the person whose Chi flow is blocked. When the Chi is blocked, the reduced energy flow causes the person's energy field to suppress their protective Guardian Chi and outside energies can affect them more easily and deeply.

The external energies of war and terrorism are rooted in fear and insecurity, and act just like other foreign energy attachments. These outside forces can greatly exacerbate existing negative energy generators lying relatively dormant in us. If our Chi flow is blocked by deeply embedded fear or insecurity energies from bad things that happened to us in this life or past lives or we are attached by other fear energies -- the addition of the war and terrorism energies can ignite and magnify our pre-existing internal negative energy generators thereby increasing our stress.

The best protection that we can collectively have against the negative energetic effects of war and terrorism is to keep ourselves clear. When we are clear our Guardian Chi protection shield is strong and we can better resist the imposition and magnification of the external fear energies of war and terrorism. If we are not clear, these exterior forces can destabilize and wreck havoc with us. Hypnotherapy can change our lives from desperation and stress to anticipation of ultimate good because it can clear the subconscious of all negative energy generators, including fear based ones, and reprogram the subconscious with hope and courage. This makes us more sanguine instead of scared, stressed and depressed. You can't as an individual, do much about war with Iraq or terrorism, but you can change the way you react to these things. So, get yourself clear and feel less stressed in these troubled times.

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