how does foreign trade lead to the integration of markets across country explain with an example other than those give here ( easy language)

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Foreign trade leads to integration of markets across countries by the processes of imports and exports. Producers can make available their goods in markets beyond domestic ones via exports. Likewise, buyers have more choice on account of imports from other countries. This is how markets are integrated through foreign trade. For example, Japanese electronic items are imported to India, and have proved to be a tough competition for less-technologically-advanced companies here.


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Dear student, Your answer has been shared below- Foreign trade leads to the integration of markets across country in the following ways- 1)By enhancing import and export of the country. 2)By maintaining a proper price equilibrium. 3)By providing a wide range of choices to the consumer. I hope this answer helps you .If yes pls mark it as helpful and put a thumbs up below.
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