how does mr lamb try to remove the baseless fears of derry ?

Derry had hardened himself against people, following unkind remarks and pitiable looks meted out to him because of his acid-ruined face. Lamb, citing his own disabled condition, told Derry that he ignored cruel remarks, welcomed strangers, took a kindly view of all humanity, and enjoyed living in nature. Derry was struck by the openness of the man and went back determined to be helpful, compassionate and companionable
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Derry was very insecure about his appearance and very negative minded. He listened to other's opinions his acid-ruined face because of which he bad perception about people in general was created. He started assuming that nobody liked him and that they were scared of him.
Mr. Lamb was his exact opposite. He was very open minded and kept a positive outlook towards the world. He too was a handicap, he had a tin leg but didn't mind when people stared at it or talked about it. He tried to instil in Derry's mind the fact that he shouldn't care so much about other people's opinions. He could achieve a lot many things looking the way he looked, thus attempting to get rid of the baseless fear from Derry's mind.
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Mr. Lamb influences Derry by his optimistic philosophy. He advised him not to give attention on other’s comments, try to be internally pure and strong and eliminate the negativity of life.
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