how does pressure due to liquid held in a container vary with,
(a)depth (b) amount (c)shape and size of the container

The pressure will vary only with the depth of the container, and nothing else, if the same liquid is filled in the container.
You have read that
P = p g h
p - density
g - acceleration due to gravity
h - depth of liquid
if p and g are same, the only factor effecting the pressure is h.

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 how does a pressure in a cointainer vary with depth?

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more is depth more is the pressure . thats why submarines are made up of special meatls thet go deep without damagaing anything. diviers also aere special suitswhen they dive.

hope it helps..

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more is the depth more is the pressure exerted by the liquid liquid pressure can be defines as h/d/g i.e. height of water column above the point of abservation /density/gravitational constant,

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