how does the poet describe Macavity and his pranks?

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Macavity is a mystery cat, he is known as the hidden paw. He is a master criminal and has been able to fool the law many times. The Scotland Yard and the flying squad are constantly harassed by his criminal activities. He has broken every law and has also broken the law of gravity. Whenever the police reach the scene of crime Macavity would have disappeared. Macavity is extremely tall and thin, his eyes are sunken inside his head. His brows are always arched together as if he is in deep thought. His coat is dusty, and his whiskers are uncombed. He sways his head like that of a snake. If you think he is half asleep, he is actually wide awake.

Macavity is like a monster in the form of a cat. One can meet him anywhere. But, when a crime is discovered Macavity magically disappears.



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the poet described Macavity as a mystery cat, Napoleon of crime,hidden paw.the poet said ''when you think he is sleeping he is wide awake.
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