how does the threshold frequency depend on intensity of light in photoelectric effect?

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the threshold frequency is a property of the object not of the incident light. let us say that E amount of energy is required to withdraw an electron from a metal surface. So, the incident light must deliver so much of energy to be able to witdraw an electron

let the frequency of the light be f
energy of the light = hf (h=planks constant)



then f is the threshold frequency of the metal

so, threshold frequency is property f the object not the light.

so, threshold frequency of metal does not define the intensity of the light.

Yes, for light itself, the intensity is more if frequency is more.



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Threshold frequency does not depend on the intensity of light. Intensity of light affects the photoelectric current.
Whereas frequency increases the Kinetic Energy of the photoelectron.

Value of frequency of incident light for which the Stopping Potential is zero is called the Threshold Frequency.
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