how have advances in technology,especially television technology , affected development of comtemporarycricket

Advancements in technology, particularly the advent of satellite television have created lasting changes on th game of cricket. They have led to changes in the way the game is being played. Technology is increasingly being used for decision-making in order to reduce the scope of errors. This has happened particularly because cricket is no longer a leisure sport. It is a highly competitive sport with high stakes. Televison has created a larger audience for the game across different parts of the globe that include diaspora population of the countries in which this game is played. Television has also led to large broadcast deals for cricket boards and generated revenue for the game. It has led to the evolution of newer forms of the game of cricket in order to cater to the television audiences. Players have been transformed into celebrities with multiple endorsement deals running into figures that were previously unheard of. It has also contributed to the reach of the game in small town areas with more cricketers emerging from smaller centres

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