how henry slater different from amelia elizabeth and ben jordan give their character sketch description

Henry Slater is a man who has no thoughts of his own. He is owned by his wife. He does whatever his wife says. He wears the slippers of his father-in law when directed by Amelia.

Amelia Slater, the wife of Henry Slater is a greedy woman. She does not love her father and only wants to have share in his wealth and property. Even though her father is lying dead, she is not at all affected by it and does not even wait for the doctor to confirm the news.

Just like Amelia, her sister Elizabeth Jordan is a selfish and greedy woman. She doesn't love her father and is interested in his money. She is worried about the payment of her father's policy. Both sisters are not on good terms with each other. 

Ben Jordan is a very diplomatic person and always criticizes others. He tried to act wise and find out about the other family. He calls Grandfather "a drunken old man."

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Henry slater was a honest man. With the companionship of Amelia, his character also started to deteriorate. Unlike other he was a truthful and honest family man

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