How is asexual reproduction carried out in Albugo?

In Albugo asexual reproduction takes place by means of specialized structures called sporangia. These sporangia are shed as single cells called as conidiospores or conidia. These conidiospores are formed on special branches known as conidiophores. The conidiophores are formed in groups below the epidermis of the host .They exert pressure and rupture the epidermis. The conidia of this chain get separated from each other by gelatinous disks which are formed by the gelatinization of the outer layer of the cell walls where the two cell walls come in contact. The separated conidia are scattered by the wind. When the conidia germinate, they become zoo-sporangia. Under favourable conditions the zoosporangia divide to form zoospores having 2 flagella. This zoospore escapes from the conidium, swims for sometime then comes to rest and sends out a hypha which infect a host and start a new Albugo plant.

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