how is biodiversity a blessing to mankind?

The following points may help you:

a. Our great bio diversity which is rich in wildlife, cultivated species, variety of plants, animals  are interdependent and integrated with each other and are all life sustaining elements.
b. Various organisms have their role to play in maintaining the eco system, they may act as producers,consumers or decomposers

c. Wildlife includes animals, birds insects and have an important role to play in maintaining Balance of nature, rather every species be it big or small has a role to play in maintaining the ecosystem
d. Aquatic life forms like fish provide us with nutritive food,  Insects like bees produce honey and help in pollination of flowers and crops.
e. Certain birds act as decomposers and feed on the dead of animals and insects.
f. Birds like vultures feed on dead livestock and are considered to be the scavengers help in cleansing the environment. Wild animals like Lions,Tigers are carnivorous feed on other animals in that way they ensure that balance of nature is maintained.
 g Forests , natural vegetation, plants are important as they serve as the primary products on which other living beings depend and serve as basic food, fooder, raw materials for growth in the country.
h. Plants, forest cover play a major role in enhancing the quality of environment. Like forests we are also an integral part of the eco system.
i. They modify the local climate, control soil erosion, provide products which have medicinal value, forests provide shelter to many communities, it is source of livelihood for many communities.

j. Forests are a great  source of many important herbs and material having medicinal value.
k. They thus, maintain ecological balance and provide us with oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.
l. Thus, they are indeed a blessing for the mankind.



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biodiversity refers to palnt and amimals.It is very important to mankind 
 u think if there will be no plants there will no life possible 
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