How is soil formed ?

List the disadvantages of soil eroison

Name any 2 methods by which soil erosion can be prevented

Soil is a natural body on earth which is made up of rocks, mineral fragments, organic matters, water and air. Soil is formed by the weathering of rocks due to wind, water or other climatic extremities. It takes a long period of time to form soil from the rocks.
Soil erosion is the washing away of the top layer of soil by the flow of wind or water. Usually the top soil is the most fertile among all the layers. Erosion causes degradation of land hence affects the natural environment and agriculture. To conserve the fertility of the soil we need to control soil erosion.
Prevention of soil erosion can be possible by
  • Preventing deforestation
  • Plantation of more trees as plant roots hold the soil
  • Covering bare lands by growing grasses
  • Creating awareness among common people specially children
  • Constructing boundary walls which act as wind breakers

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soil is formed from the process known as weathearing.Disadvantage: nutrients are loss and water table goes down

we should plant more trees and we should use afforetation method

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