how is the indian prime minister elected ? describe his power and function?

Citizens caste their votes and the head of the party which wins the election is called upon by the President is called upon to form the Government. Prime minister can be called as the most important institution in a democratic country like India because Prime Minister is the real executive head of the state as compared to the president who is the nominal head of the state. He heads the Party in power in parliament. He is the head of Council of minister. Being the head of council of minister he is also called as "first among equals". He has the power to shuffle his council of ministers as and when he feels necessary. He can demand the resignation of ministers who does not cooperate with him .He acts as a link between the President and Council of ministers. He distributes the major port folios among the cabinet ministers who head the major structures of our country like finance, defense, railways etc.

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  1.  prime minister is the most senior minister of cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system. In many systems, the prime minister selects and may dismiss other members of the cabinet, and allocates posts to members within the government. In most systems, the prime minister is the presiding member and chairman of the cabinet. In a minority of systems, notably in semi-presidential systems of government, a prime minister is the official who is appointed to manage the civil service and execute the directives of the head of the state There will be elections for lok sabha in each and every state.Each state will have a specified number of lok sabha seats.All the parties announce their prime ministerial candidate before the elections.Which ever party gets the highest number of lok sabha seats will set up the government with its announced prime ministerial candidate as the P.M.It is a very long process.All the states will not have the elections on the same day. state.Prime Minister is appointed by the President to assist the latter in the administration of the affairs of the executive
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 The head of the government, is elected by the members of Lok Sabha, lower house of the parliament of India.All members of Lok Sabha except two, who can be nominated by president of India, are directly elected through general elections which takes place every five years, in normal circumstances, by universal adult suffrage.Members of Rajya Sabha, upper house of Indian parliament, are elected by elected members of the legislative assemblies of states and electoral college for Union Territories of India.

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 The President appoints the Prime Minister by conducting the oath of office.

Its power and functions are-

1.It is the most important institution of the country.

2.The Prime Minister is usually the leader of the party that gains majority in the elections.

3.The Prime Minister is empowered to choose ministers.

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