how is the prime minister of india appointed?

According to the Constitution, The Prime Minister is appointed by the President of India. In actual practice, however, the choice of the President in the appointment of Prime Minister is limited.

He appoints only that person as Prime Minister who is the leader of the party or coalition of parties having an absolute majority in House of the People. In case no party has an absolute majority in House of the People, the President can appoint any person as Prime Minister who, in his opinion, is able to form a stable Government.

The person to be appointed as Prime Minister must be a member of either House of Parliament. However, the President can appoint any such person as Prime Minister who is not a Member of Parliament but he/she must take a seat in either House of Parliament within six months. Otherwise, at the expiry of six months, he/she will have to vacate his/her office. The appointment of Sh. P.V. Narsimha Rao as Prime Minister is such an example.

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Citizens caste their votes and the head of the party which wins the election is called upon by the President is called upon to form the Government. Prime minister can be called as the most important institution in a democratic country like India because Prime Minister is the real executive head of the state as compared to the president who is the nominal head of the state. He heads the Party in power in parliament. He is the head of Council of minister. Being the head of council of minister he is also called as "first among equals". He has the power to shuffle his council of ministers as and when he feels necessary. He can demand the resignation of ministers who does not cooperate with him .He acts as a link between the President and Council of ministers. He distributes the major port folios among the cabinet ministers who head the major structures of our country like finance, defense, railways etc.

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the president decides the primeminister.he or she cannot appoint anyone he likes.The primeminister must have a majority of loksabha members.So the primeminister is a leader of the political party or coilation.

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