how many parallel tangents can a circle have?

A circle can have infinite pairs of parallel tangents but as far only one tangent is considered, it can have only one tangent parallel to it.

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A circle can have infinite tangent and every 1 tangent will be parallel to the another 1, in this way there will be half the total number of tangents. i.e. infinity X 1/2 PARALLEL TANGENTS...  in my opinion..

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  1. a circle can have only 2 parallel tangents touchin the 2 opp.ends of a cirlce
  2. a  circle can have two tangents drawn  from one point  outside the circle
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in class and in the NCERT book, ex- 10.1 q2(iii), the answer is two tangents. pl explain why not infinite or one?

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I circle can have 2 parallel tangets at the most . with respect to the diameter !

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 a circle can have infinitely many tangents. but one tangent can only have one parallel tangent to it. 

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the answer is two only as if we consider any point on the circumference then there is only one tangent passing through it and also a tangent can only have 1 tangent parallel to it thus there r only two parallel tangents in a circle

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