How many times Ganga river mentioned in Rigveda?

The Ganges is mentioned in the Rigveda, the earliest and theoretically the holiest of the Hindu scriptures. The Ganges is mentioned in the nadistuti (Rigveda 10.75), which lists the rivers from east to west. In RV 6.45.31, the word Ganga is also mentioned, but it is not clear if the reference is to the river.

RV 3.58.6 says that "your ancient home, your auspicious friendship, O Heroes, your wealth is on the banks of the Jahnavi (JahnAvyAm)". This verse could possibly refer to the Ganges.In RV 1.116.1819, the Jahnavi and the Ganges River Dolphin occur in two adjacent verses.

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The word ganga is mentioned in the rigveda only once .
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rigveda only
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