how many types of adverbs are there? i want in list  

There are various types of adverbs. Few of them are explained here:

Relative adverbs introduce a relative clause.

Read the given sentence:

This is the house where he was born.

In this sentence, ' where ' becomes the relative adverb, which refers back to its antecedent ' house '.

Interrogative adverbs are those adverbs which are used to ask questions.

For instance,

  • Where is Shikhar? [Interrogative adverb of place]
  • How high is the mountain? [Interrogative adverb of degree]
  • Why did you lie? [Interrogative adverb of reason]
  • When will you reach? [Interrogative adverb of time]
  • How did you manage to run? [Interrogative adverb of manner]
  • How many apples do you have? [Interrogative adverb of number]


Adverb of time is used to show 'when' while adverb of frequency is used to show 'how often.'

Instances explaining the usage of the same are:

Adverb of time:

  • I have heard this before

  • I have invited him already.

Adverb of frequency:

  • I have warned you twice

  • He seldom talks to me.

Adverb of manner is used to show how something happens.

Instances of the same are:

  • She spoke softly
  • He ate greedily

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