How Saheb was differ from Mukesh? (lost spring)

Mukesh and Saheb-E-Alam, both belong the impoverished sections of society in India. Both of them are forced to do child labour. Saheb-E-Alam is a rag-picker who earns a livelihood by picking garbage from garbage yards near Seemapuri near Delhi, whereas Mukesh is forced to work in a glass-blowing cottage industry unit in pathetic working conditions in Firozabad. Mukesh is different from Saheb-E-Alam in a sense that he has an ambition of becoming a car mechanic, which has quite bleak chances of becoming a reality as the social, political, administrative and economic conditions are quite discouraging. Saheb-E-Alam has no such dream or ambition.
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Sahi hai na pakkaa ??? 
Agar galat hua toh dekh lioo........ -_- 
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