How soviet union collapsed


Soviet Union
  • The Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, (USSR), known commonly as the Soviet Union, was the world’s first and biggest communist state in existence. 
  • The Soviet Union or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) comprised of 15 nations and disintegrated in the year 1991.
  • The significance of this event was remarkable as it led to major changes in the economic, political and military relations in the world.
  •  The communist regime that existed that is one part rule, (a monopolistic regime) was increasingly critiqued by other nations.The animosity between USA and USSR grew larger and fiercer. They boycotted each other, they raced each other in creating nuclear arms, space technology.
  • However, after due course of time, the economic conditions worsened, the political authority could not contain the subsequent event. There was steady decline of their finances, they could not hold up. moreover, their stales in Eastern Europe were renouncing Communism one after the another.
  • The ideology that held soviet union crumbled slowly.  It recalled its forces from Afghanistan thus, one by one the sates became free of the communist regime and eventually the end of soviet union took place.

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