how tides are useful to man

  1. Tidal waves are used in generating electricity.
  2. It helps fisherman to catch fish easily without going far of places.
  3. It helps sailors to find the directions.
  4. It helps the ships to move easily
  5. It also helps big ships to go into river for good carrying and loading for things.
  6. It help in to maintain good climate over the sea shore as air blows with waves
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Tides help in the generation of tidal energy. the uses of tides are
1) tides clean beaches of shores by clearing up sand and litter that may be harmful
2)tides make it easy for ships to get in or out of harbours which are not deep.
3) tides help fishermen to catch more fish easily.
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Tidal energy can be used to produce electricity on coastal areas .it is a renewable energy source
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