How to draw a pie chart with percentages ?

we can write the percentages as fraction

next step is to convert them to simplest form

now divide the obtained fractions with 360

you will get the respective measyres of evry particular in deegrees

now draw a circle and draw all the angles of the particular obtained

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Make a dot on a piece of paper. Place the point of the compass squarely on that dot. Draw a circle which is big enough to include all the information in your pie chart. Usually, 6 inches is a good diameter for a circle. Since the radius is half the diameter, you should set your compass to about 3 inches.

Gather all your information together. The groups in your chart should add up to 100%. For example, if you are doing a pie chart to show the results of a survey of people's favorite music, you might have 25% rock, 30% rap, 15% classical, 18% country and 12% other. Notice that 25 +30 + 15 +18 + 12 = 100.

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Convert your percentages into decimals by moving the decimal point over to to the left. For example, the 25% of the population who prefer rock becomes 0.25.

Multiply each decimal by 360 to determine the number of degrees it takes up in your a pie chart. To use the previous example, 360 x 0.25 = 90 degrees.

Draw the first "slice" in your pie chart. First, draw a vertical line from the dot in the middle of the circle to the top. Then, use a protractor to measure the correct number of degrees around the circle. Make a dot on the circle where that slice ends and draw another straight line. If you started with "rock," the first line would go straight up, and the second would go directly to the side--a 90 degree angle. The space between those lines would represent the proportion of people who people prefer rock.

Draw the next slice. Start at either boundaries of the first slice. Measure out the correct angle. Keep going until you have a slice for each group in your chart.

Label each slice. Put in what it represents and the percentage it shows. In the example above, the first slice might say "Rock, 25%." Label the Drawing to say what the whole chart shows. In the example above, you might label it "Musical Preferences based on a Survey of 200 People." You may want to darken the writing and the boundaries with a felt-tipped pen. Use different color highlighters to color in each slice.

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Step 1: Covert the percentage into a fraction.

Step 2: Now, reduce the fraction to its simplest form.

Step 3: Take the reduced fraction and, multiply it by 360 degree.

Step 4: You will now get the degrees of the parts of the pie chart.

Step 5: Using a protractor divide it into the respective measures.

Hope this helped. :)

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hi phani

convert the percentage into fraction
for eg.25%=25/100
convert fraction into central angle 
for eg 25/100*360
     =1/4 * 360
now draw the central angle  starting from the centre of the circle(pie)
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