How to find square root easily

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First we group the last pair of digits and the rest of the digits together.
For example,
In 4489 the unit digit is 9. So we can say that unit digit of its square root will be either 3 or 7.
Now consider the first two digits i.e. 44. Since 44 comes in between squares of 6 and 7(i.e. 36 and 49), so we can definitely​​​ say that the ten's place will be the smaller number i.e. 6.
So far we can say that the square root of 4489 will be either 63 or 67.
Now we will find the exact unit digit. We consider the ten's digit i.e. 6 and the next term i.e. 7. Multiply these two terms 
6*7= 42
Since 44 is greater than 42. So square root of 4489 will be the bigger of the two options i.e. 67.

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To version the more than tables and learn regularly.
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Multiply with number (2)?=2*2=4
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You need to see the last digit of the number.
If it is 8 then the square root will have last digit 2
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