​How to know about flaccidity of a cell from DPD ( If DPD of fully turgid cell is 0 so won't higher DPD mean more flaccidity?)

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Please refer the solution below for the said query

Diffusion pressure deficit (DPD) is the suction pressure and determines the tendency of water to move into the cell from outside.
  1.  When the cell is flaccid, its DPD is high and is equal to OP osmotic pressure i.e DPD = OP.
  2. When the cell is turgid, it DPD is zero as OP = TP. 

Thus we can determine flaccidity by knowing the DPD of cell. If its DPD is higher than zero, the flaccidity will also increase. 

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Ans. When the cell is fully turgid(swollen and hard), then

OP(osmotic pressure) = TP (turgor pressure)

thus DPD (diffusion pressure deficient) = zero . ( DPD = OP-TP ; here OP = TP)

thus if we placed a fully turgid plant cell in a hypotonic solution , no water will enter as dpd is zero and thus no capacity to absorb water due to TP.

i have not heard any name about this phenomenon yet.
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