How to learn the 30 elements of modern periodic table Quickly?

Remember only the first letter of the element / symbol of the element : example :(H) (H L) (B B C) (N O) (F N) ( S M A S ) (P S) (C A K) (C S) (T V) (C M) (I C N) (C Z) IT IS VERY MUCH EASIER LIKE THIS

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 first 10 elements u can learn with help of song :

do u no the 1st 10 elements of periodic table, it's hidrigen helioum lithiyum , bralium boron carbon, nitrogen, oxygen , florine and neon....

and next 10 as NaNa Mg ALways SIng Pop Song.  and CLothes ARe Kept CAsual. another 10 i learn in odnary way..try it my friend.

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first 20 elements you can learn by my methoed

hai hello little begger boy could not open fountain nor so may all siicon pid suphur chlorine argon potassium calsium

i hope that you will be cleared with my answer

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Hey Tanay Thanks I learnt the poem by heart THANKS THUMB' S UP for u

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You should practice it daily or make a rhyme for that.

Like for the elements from at. no. 21 to 30

I have learnt it as a single sentence by spelling it fast : Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn



U should try it too...:)

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First 10 u can learn in this way: happy hennry like beans brown choclate over friday news.And left 10 r eassy ,u should read them carfully u can also learn them

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Happy Henry Likes Beans Brownies Chocolate Nuts Over Fridays. News Naughty Mgnu Already Siees Pretty. Shruti Claiming Arun's Knee Cancer
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here he lies beneath bed cloths nothing on feeling nervous ,naughty margaret always sighs "please stop clowing around {18 elements}
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Hi He Lies Because Boys Can Not Operate Fireplaces. New Nation Might Also Sign Peace Security Clause, A King Can
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Happy henry lives behind boron cottage near our friend nelly nancy mg allen silly pantrik stays close arthur kisses carrine
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Hi HEllo LIsten  (Be)BBC News On Friday N(Ne)ight
​hydrogen helium lithium beryllium boron carbon nitrogen oxygen fluorine neon
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​Naughty Mo​gli Always Sings Pop Songs Claimed by Ar rahaman
period 2 elements
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just watch the periodic table song by asap science it helped me 
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