how to represent root 5 on number line?


We draw a number line and write the consecutive numbers as shown.

Mark O at zero. Root 5 lies between 2 and 3. Mark a point A on +2 and draw a perpendicular from it, which is equal to 1 unit. Then mark this point B. Now draw an arc with AB as radius which cuts the numberline at P. Point P is root 5. Now according to hypotenuse theorem, OB will be equal to root 5 units. I will tell you how.


= 22+12



OB=root 5.

Hope you understand!




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 take  base 2 and perpendicular 1 and used  pythagoras theoram u got root 5 and measure from base point whrere hypotenuse meet to the hypotenuse top point .and after measuring point the protector on the hypotenuse top and made an arc cutting the line on which the right angle triangle is made .

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jst by first do root of 2 den 2*2 =4 =+ perpendicular square 1*1 =1
4+1 = 5

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see on lesson no. 6

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can use spiral methode

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