how to solve number 2

how to solve number 2 Beyond Z - 103 Th (Z = 90) z = 104 z = 105 z = 106 z = 112 [Rn] 7s26d'5f' [Rnl 7s26d'5f2 [Rnl 5f146d27s2 [Rnl 5f146d37s2 [Rnl 5f'46d47s2 [Rnl 5f146d107s2 tion 3: Comprehension Based Problems Read the following rules and answer the questions (i) to (v) at the end of it. Electrons in various subshells are filled in increasing order of energy Pairing of electrons in various orbitals of a subshell takes place only after each orbital is half-fill No electrons in an atom can have the same set of all the four quantum numbers. cr (Z = 24), Mn• (Z = 25), Fe2+ (Z = 26) and c03* (Z = 27) are isoelectronic (each having 24 electrons). Thus, (A) all have configuration as [Ar] 4s' 3d5 (B) Cr and Mn+ have configurations as [Ar14s13d5 while Fe2+ and C03* have configuration as [Ar]3d6 (C) all have configurations as [Arl 3d6 (D) all have configuration as [Arl 4s2 3d6 (ii) A vanadium ion has "spin only" magnetic moment of 1.73 BM, while in the ground state. Electronic configuration of the vanadium ion in the compound is (B) [Arl 4s23d3 (A) [ArJ 4s03dl (D) [Ar] 4s03d5 (C) 4s13d0 (iii) While writing the following electronic configuration of Fe atom in ground state some rules have been violated:

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