How to start question paper? On which points should I concentrate during xam?

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During an exam :
  • Always be positive. Have confidence in your preparation and keep calm.
  • Read the questions thoroughly.
  • Never break the series of answers. You can answer from the first question to the last question, or the last question to the first question. But never jumble the series.
  • Always start with the questions that carry more marks and which might be tough for you so that you have ample time to think.
  • If you feel you're stuck with a question, don't panic. Try and think of the answer with a calm mind. If you still feel that the answer isn't occurring to you, mark that question on your question paper and move on the next question. You can get back to the question if you have time in hand.
  • Never think about another question's answer while answering a question. it will confuse you and you might make a mistake. Approach each question individually.
  • Last but not the Least, definitely revise the paper if you have time. 

Here are some tips that may help you score better in your exams:
  • Read the question at least twice before answering it.
  • Jot down the points that come to your mind roughly at the last page of your answering sheet.
  • In the writing section, you can start with a quote if you remember any that is linked to the topic.
  • You can explain your point using an example.
  • Marks are awarded for the coherence of thought and clarity in ideas. So, this is another important aspect.
  • Questions focus on developing your writing, global understanding and creative skills. So, attempt them with a free and stress free mind.
  • Practicing questions from the previous years' solved Sample Papers within a time limit will help you a lot!
Some tips for English exam in particular:

English is a language that is commonly used, nowadays. Students find scoring difficult in language papers, particularly English. However, if students abide by certain important points they can overcome nearly all the pitfalls.

  • You should begin with the section that you are most confident with.
  • Practice to become perfect in time management to avoid losing time unnecessarily.
  • Always answer to the point and according to the marks assigned to each question. You might lose out on long answer questions while going into details in the short answer type questions.
  • In the reading section, be attentive while reading passage to avoid taking double time in recalling and going back to the already read paragraph.
  • Do not give ambiguous answers to any question. The information to answer the questions will be found in the passage. So, you just have to present them according to the questions asked.
  • Memorize the formats of letters and other writing skills.
  • Go through the summaries thoroughly to get a good grip on all the lessons of the textbooks.
  • Jot down the most important poetic devices and figures of speech used in various texts of your syllabus.
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It would be better to start off with the Section A (Reading), Then Section C(Literature) and then Section B(Writing). Just Highlight the keywords, remember all formats by heart and keep the handwriting clean.

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