How to write a informal letter to school principal. Please answer fast

Dear Student,

​​​​​Please note that we do not write an informal letter to the Principal. Given below is the answer to your question.

F/1279 , Basant Colony
New Delhi

20th October 2018

The Principal
ABC School
New Delhi

Sub:- Missing Surname in admission card.


It is stated that I Ankit Kumar Singh of class 10, section B have been a student of your school for the last 12 years. We got our board admit/admission card yesterday in which my surname is missing. All the official documents that I have submitted at the time of admission as well as at the time of registration for boards state my name as Ankit Kumar Singh. However, the admit/admission card that I got state my name as Ankit Kumar. As we know that admit cards are very important documents and any error can led to a lot of problems. So I request you to please rectify the error. 

Yours sincerely
Ankit Kumar Singh
Class - 10 B
Roll No.- 6

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