How to write independent frame sentence explain with examples

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I do not understand what you mean by 'independent frame sentences'. However, assuming that you are asking for sentence formation, given below are few points.
  • A sentence is a set of words that makes a meaningful statement.
  • The sentence comprises of two parts: the subject and predicate.
  • The subject is the main action doer and or the main person or thing around whom/ which the sentence revolves.
  • A predicate will have a verb which will show the action of or describe the subject.
  • A sentence can be in the form of a statement, a command, an exclamation, etc.
  • Examples -
  1. They are eating. They is the subject (as the action is done by them) and are eating is the action that the subject does.
  2. Ram is playing football. Ram is the subject and is playing football is the predicate.
  3. The children are dancing. The children is the subject and are dancing is the predicate.
  • This is how we form sentences.
In case your query was different, please post again clearly in a new thread, in order to make answering easier.


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