How will you change

1) Do the work.

2) Keep your word.

3)Shut the door.

to passive voice?

1 work should be doen.

2 your word should be kept.

3 door should be shutted.

hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!

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1) The work should be done.

2) The word should be kept.

3) The door should be shut.

plz chk the answer

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No it's

1 Let the work be done.

2 your word should be kept.

3 Let the door be shut.

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1The work should be done.

2Your word should be kept.

3The door should be shut.

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 why did you ask the question if u knew the answer

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 1 let the work be done .

2 i am not sure but it should be  - let your word be kept

3 let the door be shut

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The work should be done ,the word should be kept,the door should be shut
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