Hydroponics require purified water and mineral nutrient salts. Can you explain why is this so essential?

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Plants could be grown to maturity in a defined nutrient solution in complete absence of solution is known as hydroponics . Since then , a number of improised methods have been employed to try and determine the mineral nutrients essential for plants .The essence of all these these methods involves the culture of plants in a soil - free , defined mineral solution . These methods require purified water and mineral nutrient salts to  obtain the optimum growth of the plants. By this method, essential elements were identified and their deficiency symptoms discovered .

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Hydroponics is the art of growing plants in a nutrient solution in the absence of soil. Since the plant roots are exposed to a limited amount of the solution, there are chances that the concentrations of oxygen and other minerals in the plant roots would reduce. Therefore, in studies involving mineral nutrition using hydroponics, purification of water and nutrient salts is essential so as to maintain an optimum growth of the plants.
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