I am asked to say a debate on the topic should birds be kept in the cage or not in hindi. please help.

हमें पक्षियों को कैद करके नहीं रखना चाहिए। इसके एक नहीं बहुत से कारण हैं। वे इस प्रकार हैं-

1. पक्षियों को भी हमारी तरह जीने का अधिकार है। अतः हमें कोई हक नहीं है कि हम इन्हें बंधी बनाकर रखें। 

2. पक्षी का प्रकृति से गहरा संबंध है यदि पक्षी नहीं रहे, तो प्रकृति की सुंदरता नीरस हो जाएगी।

3. पक्षियों का सबसे बड़ा महत्व आहार श्रृंखला में है। यदि आहार श्रृंखला में किसी पक्षी की जाति समाप्त हो जाती है, तो बड़ा असुंतलन कायम हो जाता है, जोकि उचित नहीं है।

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 Birds should not be caged for the purpose of being a pet. I will start with the fact that I am "pro-flight. Here are my opening arguments.

1. WING CLIPPING. Pet birds are most likely to have their wings clipped from time to time. This reduces their mobility too much. [1] That is like preventing a pet dog from walking or running because it is inconvenient. No one would ever think of doing that. Flying is the best form of exercise for birds, and denying pet birds the opportunity to fly may also contribute to sedentary behavior, obesity and related health problems. [1] Clipping wings can contributing to insecure or fearful behavior, which is cruel on the owners part. [1]

2. NOT DOMESTICATED. Whether captive bred or wild caught, birds are not domesticated animals. [2] Domestic animals are animals that have been bred for hundreds of years to live in the care of humans and are distinct from their wild ancestors. [2] Birds commonly kept as pets are no different than their wild relatives—they are the native species of other countries. [2]

3. DOES NOT INTEGRATE WELL WITH HUMANS. Vocalizing (squawking, chirping, talking) is an important part of any parrot's social communication; birds eat continually throughout the day, dropping and discarding bits of food everywhere; birds are instinctively programmed to chew and shred wood, whether it is a perch, toy, picture frame, or furniture. [2] Birds will also chew electrical cords, paper, and curtains which can be dangerous to their health. [2]

4. BAD FOR THEIR EMOTIONAL HEALTH. Birds are meant to fly and to be with other birds. Confinement in cages can lead to neurotic behavior, excessive screaming, feather plucking, self-mutilation and other destructive habits. [2] As a result, very few people are capable of caring for the special needs of exotic birds or comprehend the seriousness of the commitment for the birds' life span—20 to 70 years or more depending on species. [2]

5. MANY PET OWNERS NEGLECT THEM. Each year thousands of birds are sold into the pet trade to individuals who are under the mistaken impression that a bird will make a "cool" pet. [2] Eventually, whether due to frustration, disinterest, or concern, many people attempt to rid themselves of the responsibility of caring for their birds. [2] Unfortunately, few of these birds will find a loving home, and most will spend their days isolated and confined to their cages. [2] Others will bounce from home to home as "owners" tire of them, and some may be abandoned at local shelters and birds rescues, or set free to fend for themselves. [2]

Meanwhile, breeders and retailers continue to treat these animals as mere merchandise, peddling and producing them for profit.

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i am not able to answer ur Q is hindi so heres a  method-

1- the answer which bhavna pawar gave is very nice but is in english.

2- Since u want it in hindi, go to google translate.

3- First copy bhavna's answer by clicking the right side mouse button and selecting the copy option.

4- open google translate and select the language ( that is- From English to Hindi) and paste it by again click the right mouse button and selecting the paste option.

4- Click translate and there U got ur answer!!!!!!!!!!

Hope u understood and my answer helped!!!!


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