I am good in both the subjects - Hindi and Sanskrit . Now in class IX I have to choose any one of them . I am very confused . some are saying that sanskrit and others hindi .BUT in hindi I have to write so much and in a short time period which is really a hard task and in sanskrit we have to understand the whole concept only then we would able to answer the questions.all the good and bad boys of my class are taking and suggesting me to take hindi but some of the girls who are my good friends are taking and also suggesting me to take sanskrit.here my father is asking me to take hindi because Iam bengali so I need to learn it more beautifully and my sanskrit teacher is telling me to take sanskrit because i am good at sanskrit . iam totally confused. i have got head ache thinking about this .PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME PLEASE.

मित्र यह आपका अपना निर्णय है और इसे आपको ही लेना चाहिए। अतः सोच-समझकर फैसला लें और अपने बड़ों की सलाह पर अमल करें।

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You don't listen to anyone.

Take that subject in which YOU think that you are best at.

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If u take  Hindi  then u increase more knowledge than in Sanskrit.Hindi are equal to sanskit.

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Aye, just don't think anything. The more you think the more you get confuse,take the thing you are good at .Iam also going in the same dillemma.One thing take the guidance of a experience bhaiya.

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Namaste / Namaskaarm / Hello / Salaam,

Good morning.

Basic thing is if you want to score in (any) langauge you may opt for Sanskrit.  Here you don't  need more writing but just to memories  shlokaas / verses  and all.  Pl go ahead with Sanskrit.  I f  at all you wish to study Hindi, you are Welcome. If you wish I  may teach you.

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essay on rose flower in hindi

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Take what ever u like. Kisi ke khne pe mat jao varna tumhara future barbad bhi ho sakta hai.

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miss priya i have a sussesgusd  to hindi ,

because hindi was very esealy words to take some thing tnen be haff ofsanskrit  was very diffcault wards to sanskrit  was bramhan  read to warship .

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hindi lo priya kuki 9th ki sanskrit aur 10th ki sanskrit hard hai usme tumhe letter yaad krna pdega ise achcha hindi hi lo tum

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Hindi lena acha hai kunki tum hindi ko asani se samje sakti ho agar sanskrit ki baat hai toh ye kevel 8th tak he easy hai

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take the subject which u find more easy.afterall u have to study the subject and not other.so it should be ur decision.

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take the subject which you feel is more easy for you to learn . don't go by the choises of other as you should also have interest in that subject otherwise it no good for you to take the subject you don't like . take the subject yo u are more comfortable with and in which you are more interested

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