i asked if v and u are unknown then how will u find them ? the focal length is given and m is also given .. then how will u find u and v plzzz don t say the mirror or lens formula or m=v/u or 0v/u. i need the formula for both lens and mirror .. the formula that be like m=f/f-u  like that i need for lens and mirror and also finding v like m=f-v/f i don t know the correct formula plzzz tell me the correct ans

Dear Student ,

We know that ,m=vuv=muNow applying the above equation in len's makers formual we can write that ,1v-1u=1f1mu-1u=1f1m=uf+1m=fu+fSo ,v=mu=ufu+fNow applying the above equation in mirror formual we can write that ,1v+1u=1f1mu+1u=1f1m=uf-1m=fu-fTherefore , v=mu=ufu-f
Hope this helps you .

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u + v = 4f
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