i can not  understant  Remember: A noun does not immediately follow a possessive pronoun while a possessive adjective always comes before a noun.


Let me explain both the concepts so that you get a clear idea about the difference between the two:

A possessive pronoun is used to express possession. It is the pronoun itself which explains the sense of possession.

For instance,

  1. The book which I read was his;

  2. It was her phone number;

  3. Our school bus leaves in 5 minutes.

However, a possessive adjective helps to attribute the same sense of possession or belongingness to a noun. A noun is bound to follow a possessive adjective.

For instance,

  1. She took her music classes very seriously;

  2. They left his place at 5pm;

  3. Whose do you think these footprints belong to?

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