I didn't understand the given below two stanzas....... explain line by line

Dear student,
1st stanza:
In the poem the flow goes in a manner that Amanda's mother is constantly nagging her about a lot of her habits and behaviour, and in response to this, Amanda imagines herself as some character or other.
So, when her mother scolds her for having too many chocolates and getting acne/pimples, Amanda imagines herself to be Rapunzel who was a fairy tale princess trapped in a tall tower. The only way to reach her would be by climbing her hair which she would throw down.
But, to escape her mother's constant nagging, Amanda says that she is going to enjoy the calm and quiet tower and she will never throw her hair down for anyone to come up and disturb her.

2nd stanza:
Now, Amanda's mother gets irritated by the sulking and sad nature of Amanda and says her to cheer up and get over the gloomy look as this would make people think that her mother is a bad parent and that she is always nagging.


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I need the explanation for first stanza and 2nd stanza ( 1st line)
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In 1st stanza Amanda is saying that she wants to live in a tower alone like Rapunzel but she will not let her hair down the window .
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