i din't understand this question..

Discuss briefly the factor that governer the choice of mode of entry into internation business..?????? plz.. explian mee the question..

Hi Yashasvi, to interpret the question first understand the different terms that are used in the question. For instance, in the given question, the various factors that governs the choice of mode of entry into international business are being asked. Now, here understand that international business is basically concerned with trading of goods and services across national boundaries. In order to enter into such international businesses, firms have various modes of entry available to them such as contract manufacturing, exporting and importing, licencing options, wholly owned subsidiary, etc. Also, each options have its own benefits and complexities on the basis of which the firms decide as to which option to choose. In other words, there are various factors that affect the choice of these modes of entry. For example, the degree of complexity, risk involved, ownership and control, etc. Thus, it becomes essential for a firm to assess these factors and then decide on which option of entry to go for.
In the given question, it is these factors that are being asked for. Also, the answer to the concerned question has been covered in our NCERT solutions. You can find it at the below mentioned link.

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