I have 11 questions and i want all the possible answers not explanation.

  1. A unit of money that is based on hundredths.
  2. This place value is commonly used when converting between decimals and percents.
  3. The ratio whose second term is 100.
  4. 100% is represented by by one _____.
  5. The process of changing the fraction to a decimal or to a percent.(name the process)
  6. A number that names a part of a whole.
  7. The point having one or more lights to it's right.
  8. The number above the fraction bar that indicates how many equal part of the whole are being considered.
  9. The number below the fraction bar that indicates how many equal parts are in the whole.
  10. A percent is based on this number.
  11. Used to copare two or more quantities

  1. cents/paise
  2. hunderedth
  3. per cent
  4. whole
  5. conversion
  6. fraction
  7. decimal
  8. numerator
  9. denominator
  10. hundred



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