I need a debate on the topic "Career Building Is the Only Goal of Education " or "Getting a Good Job Is More Important than Being a Good Human Being ". please please kindly comment fast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Role Of Leadership
    how the employees are feeling about workloads, benefits, office culture, and career development. The managers are responsible for identifying any serious problems...

  2. Financial Education
    as a branch of social sciences, is becoming highly valued by a numbers of educator and students. Some people claim that it should be set as a required course within...

  3. Education
    as respect shown to others, loyalty to a community and a nation, pursuit career achievement and a sense of responsibility to family and society are the cornerstones...

  4. Education System In Pakistan
    weapon by which one can fight and conquer the battle of life. The education has been a very essential part of the different civilization of the world in historical...

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yee kya pagalon wala answer hai ?

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career building is more important ,
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Carrier building is the only goal of education
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Sir when is live class
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where was Abdul Kalam house
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what did his father say to this
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