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Christy K Mathews , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 13/12/13

i need a essay on freedom is life .

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Abhinav Verma , added an answer, on 18/10/12
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Hi VP Yashwant

Freedom is the condition of being free and the power to act or speak or think without restraint.   What does freedom mean to me?   I can't help but be thankful every morning that I wake up; I am a free woman.   I pray for the men and women that go to the line every day to give us that freedom.
Freedom comes in many different forms such as social, economic, physical and political.   There are limitations to every type of freedom because you have the ability to abuse these freedoms, and this can affect others.   No other democratic society in the world permits social or personal freedom to the degree of the United States of America. The freedom of expression is given to us to express our feelings, yet we still take this freedom for granted by publicly offending others by obscenity and racism.   It is sad, but you see it every day.
Economic freedom is very important to every day life.   You have the ability to enlarge your economic freedom by the amount of money that you make.   The amount of a person's income depends on how constrained a person is in pursuing their own interests.   This is a freedom, but can also be a limitation if income is limited. I find that it takes money to further education and it takes further education to make money.   As Milton Friedman explained:   Freedom is invisible.   Political freedom cannot long prevail where economic freedom is threatened.
I have to admit that physical freedom is a lenient area for the United States.   You have the choice to wear what ever you want, as long as you are not being obscene.   Some parts of the United States allow you to be totally free, and go naked.   The limitation to physical freedom could be articles of clothing that you may or may not be able to wear to work or school.   I believe that some people can be very offensive in what they wear.   Clothing can also be offending, racial, sexual, or just profane


Best of luck for your exams

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Nitish Kalher , added an answer, on 16/10/12
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A Short Essay on Freedom


What exactly is freedom? Can you taste it, see it, reach out and touch it? The answer to these questions is no. However, if reflected upon, freedom can certainly be felt, not by the hands but by the emotion called feeling. Since all we can do is describe properties of freedom, the question remains how freedom is explainable with words.

Youth are not burdened by restrictions placed upon adults; therefore, a simpler idea of being able to do certain things is evident, by the child. The child feels freer than an adult would, because the adult understands the rules of civilization. As children grow, beginning to have responsibilities, they begin to understand the rules of civilization. Activities that once seemed easy to engage in become more and more complicated as ideas of restrictions come into focus.

What sort of restrictions come into focus is the direct result of activities that humans engage in. If the youth grows up hunting, for example, it seems easy for the adult to say, let's go hunting. The child grabs all the stuff necessary and is ready to fly out the door on an adventure. The adult has made all necessary preparations to do this activity, acquiring the license and checking the seasons, and other such rules that might apply. The child sees a fanciful adventure; the adult looks around to make sure all rules pertaining to the activity are being obeyed.

Many such examples could be recited here; however, the idea of freedom comes back to mind. I heard stories from my father that seemed to be the ideal of freedom. My father told me stories from his youth in Utah, when he would saddle his horse and disappear for weeks; without any worry about when he would be home. This may seem strange to some, but this was his way of life.

In nature, humans are born totally free, to do whatever comes to mind, without restrictions. These activities might include hunting, gathering, and other necessary activities to support life. Included in social activities could be attending group dances, visiting, or merely sitting by the creek reflecting on life in general. Living in groups changes the dynamics, placing restrictions upon individuals.

Civilizations place restrictions on activities to maintain some sort of control to avoid chaos. Restrictions vary depending on the activity. In the past, off road vehicles required no special license. Today these kinds of vehicles are required to have a license; the idea is to limit erosion of the environment, from overuse, or driving into restricted, protected areas. Other forms of transportation have limits, such as horses, and wagons; in previous generations, these were primary modes of transportation. In some areas, walking is restricted to preserve some aspect of the environment; again, in past generations it would seem silly to limit foot traffic.

Modern life has created great devices, and a lot of inconvenience. With these inventions came more and more government intervention. How we communicate (texting), how we listen to music (noise pollution), how we sit in our cars (seat belts), how we seat others in our cars (baby seats), this could go on and on. Although some of these restrictions make sense to some, to others they are an invasion of personal liberties. Then comes the idea of personal body fluids (drug testing), what government has the right to collect and examine the body fluid of any individual? This seems fundamental, yet people go along like sheep to a slaughter, giving up one after another inherent right to a government that seems hell bent on controlling every aspect of activity, and endeavor that citizens partake. In addition, just for argument, could anyone show where it is stated in the Constitution that there is an idea that the government can probate anything? Or, that a license is required to engage in any activity. This can ONLY happen with the consent of the people governed!

Freedom cannot be taken from the citizens in a Democratic society, such as ours. However, it seems activities can be regulated, and over-regulated, to the point that individuals feel cramped; and strain to exercise their natural right to do certain things. It goes against the natural instinct, for instance, to see a place of interest, only to see a sign that reads, no trespassing, keep out. Civilized people obey these types of signals because; such are the rights of property owners, to keep trespass to a minimum saving their right to privacy. As it stands in our modern situation these types of restrictions are everywhere. Everywhere can be seen signs that read, keep out, better not, don't, can't, and don't even think about it.

As the world shrinks from population growth, the restriction on activity seem to escalate proportionally. Where will modern man draw the line, rebel, and reclaim his natural right to freedom? However, all this does not really explain freedom, but merely describes the properties and reactions from restrictions on freedom.

As this opened, it is mentioned that some properties of freedom cannot be engaged with the senses. The body can certainly feel the locks and chains that modern life has imposed on the human condition. I can remember a time in the USA, that humans were not so regulated, and there were, fewer signs that forbade the human spirit from living life and witnessing nature. Then again, I am older now, have felt the pressure of civilization struggling to save a remnant of nature, preserving it. In addition, the child still feels the joy of catching the first fish, or riding that bicycle, or getting the first perm. It will be sad for them when they too learn that life is not as free as they think it should be.


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