I need help please for this exercise (3)

I need help please for this exercise (3) Discuss the different media pictured. of the media do you has had greatest effect on modern life? Why? 3 Which one do you 'bink will have the most kmq-lastinq effect? Why? 4 Imagine you are choosing things to put in a time capsule for future generations. The time capsule is called The dawn of the 21st century — when real communicalion broke down'. Which would you choose to highlight, what would you put in the capsule, and What lessons would you want people in the furure (o learn from t hem? Shop 5 Niciun

Dear Student,

- The above picture shows different types of media used these days including: Newspaper, internet, and mobile phones.
Newspaper has been used as the source of information since many years. Vast use of Internet and mobile phones have come to existence since few decades. Mobile phones are the most portable way of providing information these days.
- Newspaper has had the greatest effect on modern life. The other facilities may or may not be available at all the places whereas, newspaper reaches out to every corner of the world. It provides information on all kinds. This keeps the whole world up-to-date with on going matters. Newspaper are affordable for wide range of people on the basis of their economic status. But the other media sources may or may not be used by all.
- Newspaper, thus, will have the most long-lasting effect because it can reach to more places and people. 

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