i want a paragraph on grandfather in english

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My grandfather essay 200 words

My grandfather with long white beard, he never lost his temper, every day is a smile.

His daily task is to send me to school to pick me up from school. This is his daily task, and once my grandmother was not at home, I am a little hungry, and told Grandpa. Grandpa gave me his best noodles, that is my favorite thing. If I did not practice this, and my grandfather bought me a few exercises. Grandpa is my tutor, my grandfather gave me every night lessons. So I learned it so well. My grandfather is also a computer fan, he also loves to play Rock Kingdom, but he beat me how to play all the pets. If I play on the computer playing a long time, Grandpa told me to look at several compositions. So I read my grandfather playing the computer. Once I caught a cold, Grandpa gave me the shot, I called my grandfather a small doctor. Grandpa said, smiling: I am a naughty, I and my grandmother laugh.

hope t helps chers!!!!

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