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- Parents too can help students develop an optimistic attitude: learn from mistakes, pick oneself up after a fall, work even harder and aim for success.

- Instead of only criticising their children all the time, parents can encourage them, appreciate them and give constructive criticism.

- If the parents and students develop an attitude that is wholesome and trusting of each other, they will have a relationship that will benefit both the parties.

- Parents must never pressurise their children to get a particular percentage or compare them to other students who perform better academically.

- Each child is different from the other and each has a unique set of talents.

- Supportive parents can help hone that talent and provide the right environment so that the child can do well in the filed of his choice.

- There are numerous cases of depression and suicide by students who are under extreme pressure from their parents to follow a subject stream that is socially acceptable or prestigious.

- Instead, keeping the channel of dialogue and discussion open will benefit both parenst and students.

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